Mark Grabianowski presents “Coyote.”

Coyote Short Film

Mark Grabianowski proudly announces his upcoming short film “Coyote” starring Adam Eyster, Caesar James, Diana Campos, George Capacete, and Diegodiego in the role of “Santiago.”

Inspired by true events, Coyote introduces the viewer to the world of human trafficking through the life of a young woman who has escaped from her captors. In her struggle to reach the US boarder, she is confronted with a choice that could change her life forever. ​

The script was written by Mark Grabianowski in the summer of 2016. Pre-Production began in January of 2017 followed by a two day production in March 2017 and one pickup day in May.  ​

Coyote was Shot on location in the Mojave Desert of California. Trailer and official website

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The Public Loves Diegodiego’s Outrageous Looks! | All about Diegodiego


The public loves Diegodiego.

The public simply adores him for his outrageous looks, people do things for him that they would not do for less attractive people. Everything looks too sexy on him, whatever he is wearing he causes a huge commotion. Diegodiego is one of those stars you love, or love to hate. Either way, take a second look at the entertainer and try to decipher why his physical appearance intimidates some and others desire him as  a trophy.

Latin Superstar Diegodiego Travels to Victorville, Ca To Film Scenes For a Short Motion Picture. | All about Diegodiego

On Sat, March 4, The world’s most powerful man travels to the city of Victorville, Ca to film on loctaion with Director Lance Liu: scenes for a short motion picture. Diegodiego portrays a Native American Leader in ‘Crosstie.’ a short student film.Synopsis: “Crosstie.” is a story set in the 1870s about a Chinese rail worker who saved an American cowboy, and then they start a dangerous journey. The theme is that immigration is one of the reasons that America is…

Source: Latin Superstar Diegodiego Travels to Victorville, Ca To Film Scenes For a Short Motion Picture. | All about Diegodiego

The World’s Most Powerful Man Takes Over Asia.

Diegodiego on Kkbox
The World’s Most Powerful Man Takes Over Asia

KKBOX, Asia’s leading music streaming service, now features the exclusive collection of Diegodiego‘s albums and chart topping songs  in Taiwan , Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Japan and Thailand. KKBOX lets you enjoy music anytime, anywhere, whether on a mobile phone or computer, it even makes it possible to interact with friends and artists via music.

The Mayan entertainer keeps becoming more popular than ever. He currently reigns on the internet, print TV interviews and digital radio. All eyes and ears remain on The world’s most powerful man. There is wisdom in crowds and how should the popularity of a an artist be judged? By the number of people who stream a performer’s videos, songs and albums sales which are skyrocketing, And  though not every one likes Diegodiego for his flamboyant and exuberant style, and despite the public’s outcry. No one can deny the artist is tough, ambitious, and certainly knows exactly what he wants. That is admirable. A lot of people are afraid to say and do what they truly want, they don’t, so they amount to very little and never get what they want.

Diegodiego however, stands for freedom of expression, doing what he believes in, and going after his dreams. His joy apparently is not derived from what society thinks of him. The superstar knows the rules of being popular and unpopular, successful and unsuccessful loved and loathed and is leaving clear he knows how meaningless it all is. His pleasure of being unique does not depend on the permission of another. As he continues to take over all the continents Diegodiego is a true work of art, and Now Asia trough KKBOX, as well as audiences all around the globe know what is like to be under the Diegodiego spell and why everyone is talking about Diegodiego, and why he is one man you can’t take off your mind.

(Posted by team Diegodiego) is now enhanced with RevolverMaps

See who is connected to right now.
See who is connected to right now.

RevolverMaps is a widget for Blogs and websites, and allows the public to know how many people are visiting a specific website in real time.

The 3D World Map has been added to each and every page of the world’s most powerful man’s official site, so now the public can be informed of the precise moment anyone from any corner of the globe are connected. The widget displays all visitor locations as well as recent hits with city, state and country information.

Fans from all the continents visit the star’s site every minute to stream Diegodiego‘s songs and videos, become updated with his news and more. RevolverMaps are interactive, every visitor leaves an eternal dot on the globe yet their personal information remains private, only the place from where the visitor logged in is registered.

Thanks to the public, Diegodiego remains without a doubt the world’s most searched celebrity, the biggest, most famous, music, film & TV superstar phenomenon ever. Diegodiego‘s official site, songs & videos rank No.1 by popular demand and now it can be confirmed by everybody any time you want to. Diegodiego is one man you can’t take off your mind. Hurry! Log in now to and see who is having the time of their life right now.

Diegodiego Ranks #1 As The World’s Most Searched Celebrity

Diegodiego, The world's most searched celebrity
Diegodiego Remains By Popular Demand The world’s Most Searched Celebrity.

Now ranking No.1 on all major search engines. Diegodiego is without a doubt the world’s biggest music, film and television superstar phenomenon ever, Diegodiego is recognized by the news media and public as the number one and most famous entertainer by popular demand.

A.k.a The World’s Most Powerful Man, Diegodiego is the first and only Mayan artist to succeed and conquer all the continents. His live music shows and movies make of him an actor and singer of international stature on the radio, television, cinema, magazines and the Internet.

Diegodiego has that special thing that keeps you watching him on the screen, that magic, that mystery. His songs will shake your soul, change your life and FORCE you to stop everything and DANCE. You know that feeling when you are obsessed with someone and can’t take your eyes off of him, you cannot get him out of your head? Diegodiego is one man you can’t take off your mind.

Diegodiego On A Mission Against AIDS

Celebrities of the Artistic World gathered to play at the 7th Annual Balls O' Fire Celebrity Bowling Tournament Against AIDS
Celebrities of the Artistic World gathered to play at the 7th Annual Balls O’ Fire Celebrity Bowling Tournament Against AIDS

April 21, 2009U.W.M. – Hollywood, CA. – The organization FAP Foothill AIDS Project assists in having a better living to those affected or in risks of contracting HIV/AIDS by providing services and education. With this motive various singers, actors and volunteers came together for a noble cause.

The event was held this past Sunday, April 19, 2009 at the Brunswick Bowling Center in the City of Covina, California, which was in organized by the David Mirisch Enterprises, who gathered celebrities of the film, television, sports and music industry , including Diegodiego, Tyler Neitzel, Ryan Ochoa, “Sugar” Shane Mosley, Erin Moran, Phaedra Neitzel, Jillian Clare, Jaime Gomez, Mitch Gaylord, Nicholas Braun and others.

David Mirisch, President of David Mirisch Enterprises, is a Celebrity Producer for numerous charitable events. Coming from a remarkable Hollywood lineage, Mirisch’s family produced
“Some Like It Hot”, “The Pink Panthers Series”, a total of 72 motion pictures and 24 Academy Awards. Mirisch also discovered the actress Farrah Fawcett of the series “Charlie’s Angels”.

“While God provides me with life, I will continue giving the best of me in and out of the scenes so that the people can always smile with happiness and they can knowledge that they can count on my music as well as my entire soul to better their lives as much as possible. I love you all!”, exclaimed Latin Aritst, Diegodiego with excitement.